domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

Yesterday came in the hostel an old short man wearing a construction helmet and a neckle with more than 50 keys. He looked wired but we shouldn't judge people right?

- Hi Sr. are you looking for a room?
- Yes. How much is the cheaper?
- It's 15 dollars
- How much is that in pesos?
- It's 315 pesos.
- Can i pay with credit card?
- No, just in cash.
- Ok. I need to talk to a friend. He's bring me money. How much is the room?
- It's 15 dollars Sr.
- And how much is that in pesos?
- 315
- Can i pay with credit card?
- No.
- Oh i see. What are you laughing at? Do you think i'm nuts?
- Oh no Sr. Why i would think that?
- Don't know...
- But i would like to know why you'r wearing a helmet.
- To protect my head, duh! Things falls down from the sky you know?
- Oh i see. It's a good idea to have a helmet.
- Of course it is. And i have to take care. I'm sick and i can die at any time. What? do you think i'm crazy?
- No no! Every one can die at any time. And you don't need to be sick to die.
- Exactly! What is your name?
- Max
- Can i go to my room?
- Hum you have to pay first Sr.
- Oh how much is that?
(OMG i can't believe that)
- It`s $15
- How much is in pesos?
- It's 315$ pesos
- Can i pay in credit card?
(LOL) - No sr. only in cash.
- Why are you laughing?
- Sorry Sr. I laugh all the time.
- Do you think i'm crazy?
- No Sr. When you friend will come?
- Oh he will bring me money.
- I know.
- Can i wait here?
- Yes, for sure.
- What's your name?
- Max
- Max do you want to be my friend?
- What?
- Do you wanna be my friend?
- uuhhh yes? What do i need to do?
- Nothing. Do you believe i'm crazy?
- No. Are you crazy?
- Hahaha a little bit.
- Yeah everybody is a little bit crazy. So are we friends?
- Yes we are friends. Where are you from Max?
- Brazil. (And he started to speak in portuguese!!)
- Oh man! What are you doing here? haha you are crazy!!
- Hehe yeah i know, i already should be in Brazil.
- Do you have girlfriend?
- Humm something like that.
- What is her name?
- Sophie
- Where is she?
- Canada.
- Oh great! Are you going to visit her?
- Yes i want to go in december.
- hum i think you should take a good coat, it will be freezing there.
- Yeah i know.
- Are you going to marry her?
- I don't know. Maybe.
- Yes you will. And you'll have 3 childs.
- Ah? How do you know that?
- Don't you know Who am I?  I'm God.
- Oh.
-Do you want to say something?
- Ah thanks for everything.
- No, I say thank you for you.
- Ok.
- Well i need to find my friend. Where can i make a phone call?
- Huh you can find in 18 July, the main street.
- Ok Max bye. You don't think i'm crazy?
- No. Just when you put your helmet.
- Yeah yeah. Good bye.
- Bye!

4 comentários:

@bellanogueiira disse...

Max me tira uma dúvida: -Posso pagar no cartão de crédito?
Que louco vei.
Pelo menos você saiu amigo de Deus nessa história.
Beijos ;*

Diego "Trash" disse...

Só espero que não volte para Maceió com um capacete na cabeça!!! Porque não precisaria... kkkkkkk
Só vc mesmo!! Aproveito e já dou uma dica: escreva tudo e publique um livro!! Pode ter certeza que vc já tem um comprador!
Sucesso aí!!

Milton Guedes disse...

kkkkkk....duente!!!!! Ei...sem google translate...kkkkkkk
Um abraço!!!

Anônimo disse...

Sua vida é M-A-R-A-V-I-L-H-O-S-A!

Chris sem-noção.